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Hey, Harper! Where Should We Eat in NYC?

I get this question a lot, as I used to live in the Big Apple, and I visit at least once a year. And, well...I do love to eat. SoI have decided to blog my annual Thanksgiving trip. Sometimes it is a short trip, sometimes a longer one; this year it's ten days. Plenty of time to enjoy a nibble or two!

I hope that by posting annually it might mean that a few of my favourites are around when you might visit, as restaurants make it and fail in NY with extraordinary swiftness. My friends are pretty extraordinary at having my favourite pizza at the house for my arrival. Just inside Queens, a few minute on the number 7 subway, in the neighbourhood known as Sunnyside is a sweet sweet pizzeria, Soto Le Stelle . My pick is their Star Pizza. With edges pointed like a stat, each point filled with ricotta, the pizza is topped with prosciutto, fresh arugula and balsamic vinegar.

The next day I met one of my best besties at Balthazar in SOHO. A perfect French bistro, in business since the 90's, we shared a late afternoon meal of Long Island oysters, escargot, a gaot cheese tart, French onion soup, chocolate mousse and sticky toffee pudding. YUM!

This year I tried out the much lauded burger at Dante. Dante has been a place to be in the West Village since 1915. It was voted the best bar in the world in 2019, so before my 'burg I was obliged to try their dirty martini. Perhaps the best martini I have ever had!

A favourite "secret" spot, mostly only known to locals, are the bars and restaurants embedded in the flagship Nordstrom stores at 57th Street. One day I met a friend for a drink at the Clubhouse Bar in the men's store, another day I stopped in for a Cacio de Pepe at Wolf, on the second floor of the building opposite. With views of Columbus Circle and great happy hour pricing in a super convenient location, it's a secret worth exploring.

A quick lunch at Sushi & Co is a decent way to catch a bit of reasonably priced sushi and udon.

I also love brunch at Sarabeth's, a quick steak at French Roast, and anything Daniel .

Don't miss grabbing a Bacon, Egg & Cheese on the street, a vendor hotdog, and hot nuts.

Zuckers will satisfy your desire for a bagel, and smoked fish; lox or whitefish.

And pastrami is best at Katz's, but be forewarned that the lineup can be blocks long!

And , of course, take advantage of the many many many small spots for your favourite flavours. This trip leaned Asian, with Ramen and Korean BBQ, as did the summer trip, when we explored the Asian food court in Queens, but it is just as easy to find superb Ethiopian, Mexican, African, etc.etc.etc...

NYC is a wonder of flavour and experiences, it's so hard to recommend where to eat, but perhaps this gives you a few ideas, in Manhattan and abroad. Bon Appetit!

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