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Hey, Harper! What's The Most Ridiculous (is it?) Thing in Your Kitchen?

Well, this would certainly be up for debate! Krista? Care to comment on the cherry pitter?

I am very much not a single use utensil collector. At all. In fact, I only own three knives. Basta. But, I have a very very soft spot in my heart for one of the most satisfying of kitchen tools. Any guesses? It is not only incredibly satisfying to use with our most fav. treat from Montreal, but is also justified as a safety device.

Thoughts? Anyone?



A Bagel slicer!!!





To begin, it slices the slightly crumbly Montreal wood fired bagels without crumbling. Also, TWO PERFECT wobbly edges or weak points to break when schmearing. And safety? Did you know that almost 2000 people a year are sent to the ER with a BRI, also known as a bagel-related injury? Yup. Danger! Peligro! Finally, it's just an incredibly satisfying slice. It makes me happy to guillotine my bagels; a smooth slice in one sweet push. Count the use of my bagel slicer in the book of Happiness Is... . You too can enjoy the spine tingling joy by shopping here. And keep your hands safe from lacerations. Enjoy!

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