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Hey, Harper! What's New?

Truthfully? A whole lotta nothin'! Winter is a lovely time to relax a little, pop into bed a little early, and try your hand at a few new recipes. Sometimes I am cooking from a new cookbook; most recently "I Could Nosh" by Jake Cohen, whose Instagram jakecohen is always joyfully up-lifting. I recommend taking a look at his take on schmeers. Other-times I live in perpetual hope that a much loved chef, cook, blogger or recipe will over perform over and over. This is not always so. Last week I had a good run at a half dozen recipes or so, looking to add a few new menu items. Unfortunately all were busts!?! From the worst to the meh -

I was the only one at a table of six that ate this dessert, trying desperately to find the fun in the funk.

A deconstructed cheesecake with a sweet cherry compote.

The "cheesescake" had feta cheese in it. Funky. And I burnt the crumble the first time and had to remake it. I must have had high hopes...the test table was very disappointed.

A cauliflower salad that put me in mind of a Waldorf Salad as it had grapes and cheddar cheese. Meh. Boring. I tend to like bolder tastes, and have a cauliflower salad with pomegranate and clove that is a favourite.

A Lemon Pot of Cream with a pistachio sugar meringue. Meh. The meringue was really stiff and beautiful but was SO light you would not have known what you were eating if your eyes were closed.

Chicken Picatta. Picatta means sharp or piquant. This was anything but! Meh, meh. Though the chicken was wonderfully moist.

Luckily the week was saved when Krista made this wonderful Roast Chicken Salad from Zuni Cafe, San Francisco.

It was faffy. But oh, SO delicious! Six thousand five star reviews on Food and Wine!

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