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Hey, Harper! What's Cookin'?

With December's festivities in full gear, I have been busy baking. What about you?

I am not the most talented baker, but I do enjoy a mix of traditional and inspired cookie flavours at Christmas to accompany a good cuppa tea. This year I was tipped of to the list of easy holiday cookies the NY Times has.

My friend Cici recommended the Chocolate-Molasses Cookies. Not too sweet, the cocoa gives these cookies a second flavour layer, and the coarse sugar crunch is addicting!

Call them Shortbread Meltaways, Scotch Cookies, Melt in Your Mouth Shortbread; I used a recipe for Melting Moments.

Top them with cherries, powered sugar or gum drops; anyway you've Christmas on a plate!

And then my annual attempt to make these lightly flavoured sugar cookies...this year a lack of organization (not ordering the colouring on time), a few too many eggnogs (maybe with rum?) and a time crunch made my 2023 bake a little more "abstract" than usual. LOL. Thank goodness there's always next year!

Inspired by a series of brushstroke paintings by Ellsworth Kelly, these sugar cookies are meant to be lined up in a tight grid, painted with bold red stripes and arranged randomly.

(not so much...)

Fingers crossed I have a better hand at Classic Butter Tarts.

What's in your oven today?

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