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Hey, Harper! What Makes No Sense to You?

Can I tell you? Really be frank? Recipes that use weird measurements for no good reason.

For a long time now I have been travelling to the US for Thanksgiving in November. As my annual trip approaches I am absolutely, doubtlessly suckered into buying every food magazine that advertises the warm joy of the season, and the reunion with old friends my seasonal trip promises.

Excited to bring something new to the festivities, I gobble (haha) up every dazzling recipe.

And then...

I. Get. Mad.

WHY? Dudes. If you are going to publish recipes for, say, batch drinks, why (oh why?) would you choose to publish a recipe that uses only 2/3 of a bottle of wine? Was it so inconceivable that a bunch of party forward, festive souls at gatherings of families near and far, would drink enough punch for the recipe to start with the use of the full bottle of wine?

Because I care about my friends, and their friends (and families) I am going to pull out my calculator and do a little math for you today. Because, I think this drink sounds great, festive and fun. And I don't want anyone's day ruined by the worry of having to do oddball calculations, or worse, pouring down the drain a third of a bottle of fizz. You're welcome.

9 oz. Campari

9 oz. St. Germain

9 oz. Gin

7 ml orange flower water



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