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Hey Harper! How Are You Keeping Warm?

How am I keeping warm? How are YOU keeping warm?

This chilly turn in the weather is a little disheartening, unless you're a blissed out snowmobiler! (And to you I say, Bravo! Enjoy!)

Me? I am taking to the kitchen and the comforts of rosy classics, beginning with Roast Tomato Soup.

The desire to practically drift away on a swell of warm tomato is almost overwhelming. Maybe it's my body asking for the punch of vitamin C that the tomato offers? Coupled with the remembered love a slightly creamy, slightly garlicky soup can offer, a salve for any ailment in the winter let alone that little cough that won't go away, or a sniffle that needs nudging out the door.

Add some grilled cheese croutons or a little fresh buttered bread and this cold, snowy day sings with comfort, not mid winter chills.

What I know for sure: Roasting winter tomatoes gives them more life, a more little caramel flavour, and much more tomato intensity; excellent tomato acidity plays well against the cream.

The garlic here is always full of wee green germ (the new growth inside), but though it can be bitter I don't remove it when I am trying to make soup before night shift...maybe next time.

What I don't know: Are the stems bitter? Or will they give the soup a bit MORE tomato flavour? They do give the reward of smelling lovely. Do you know?

Tips: Homemade tomato soup is so joyous and satisfying it hardly needs messing with. For GF skip the croutons. For dairy-free skip the splash of cream. For vegan stick to olive oil when roasting..

This is one of my favourite recipes


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