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Hey, Harper! Help Me Enjoy Beans More!

We all know beans are great for you. But sometimes they can seem a little boring. Maybe it's the tin? Tinned food can often seem less than, and maybe it's just not knowing many ways to cook them? The great thing about a tin of beans is how quickly you can make a super supper! Often in 20 minutes. Whoo-hoo! Here are a few proven winners from the NY Times. Their data base is wonderfully large, and so a quick search for "beans" yields over 1600 recipes! Get cooking! Beans are a wonderful way to eat less meat, save some money and nourish your body.

Last night I made this great Pasta e Cici.

And I love, love, love these -

Friends were coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs over these -Lemony Shrimp and Bean Stew.

And One Pot Rice and Beans are an excellent side dish.

Finally, a classic Saturday night Baked Beans; satisfyingly long to cook, warming to the heart and soul! (Good for the heart too!!)

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