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Hey, Harper! Have You Tried Scout Seafood?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Haha...I have! And let me tell you abut it.

Scout is a North American Craft Cannery. They source regionally, have the highest standards of sustainability and they are committed to reforesting the ocean. They have an excellent blog post about why tuna should not cost $2.

I was excited to find out that Scout had smoked tuna! SMOKED TUNA!!!

One of my favourite NYC deli sandwiches I have spent years and years trying to find smoked tuna outside of NY. Seriously, I have scanned the shelves of every speciality store, looked on line et nauseam and EVERY TRIP to NY have hoped to bring home cans of smoked tuna to no avail. And then I found this smoked tuna on the Scout website! Sweet happiness!!!

My parcel arrived quickly, and the day had come to feast upon that most elusive of sandwiches, the smoked tuna salad! I went online to find the recipe for an authentic NY deli smoked tuna. Did it automatically come with tomato? Was lettuce standard? Is there celery in the mix? Lemon?

Uhhmmm....are you ready? NY deli smoked tuna salad is NOT made with smoked tuna! WTF?!? Are you kidding me? Aaaaaallllll these years of searching for smoked tuna and there is no smoked tuna in the salad mix? Again, WTF?!?

LOL. (You have to have a sense of humour about these things, don't you?) Smoked Tuna Salad is made with regular 'ol tuna and smoked salmon. Hahaha.

Still. The Scout tuna was delicious. I did make a sandwich, upon which I forgot to put the tomato and lettuce (have you seen the price? I took 5 minutes to decide what lettuce to buy to save money - insert eye roll) And I am very excited to try more Scout products, especially as Summer picnics and bonfire season comes on. Fingers crossed our favourite local purveyor carries Scout products this summer...

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