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Hey, Harper! Ever Have a Sh*tty Lay?

Seriously? Really? THAT is a subject for another blog! Geesh! However, I did have a friend once describe a restaurant as, "A gorgeous date, that was a bad lay." And that, my friends, is what I experienced today.

This fancy-ass poutine had the potential to be something wonderful. In fact, I had eaten at this spot many times before and really, really enjoyed the various poutines they had concocted. The previous incarnation had been unctuous, salty, and meaty. I had made a point of taking people there for the poutine, driven late in the day, sun-beat and exhausted for an incredibly satisfying meal within a fabulous setting*. (*see gorgeous date) This time....meh; a dead fish lay. When I try to express what I love about great food, knowing that tastes differ so much, I find I am left with only one way to define what makes something recommendable. For me? I have to want to continue eating, even though I am full. A mistake bite, I call it: when I am FULL, but can't not take one last bite. The above photo was taken after four people had sampled the dish. Not many bites were taken, and definitely no mistake bites. I suspect mistake bites are irresistible because the food is so well-balanced. Good salt and acid balance are paramount to good food. I am not even sure that preparation is as important as the balance of flavours. I also don't know that I could blindly discern a premium ingredient from a supermarket buy. (Though I do very much believe in great, ethical, sustainable, local production!!!) And though the beauty of a perfectly cut piece of anything can be awe-inspiring, it doesn't usually affect the taste too much. This poutine was a one-note wonder. With a forgettable gravy, curds that didn't squeak (and lacked salt), and a mix of toppings that tried too hard and lost themselves in an overpowering spice mix - this was a disappointment. Sure. In a pinch...ok. But who wants just a pinch when they are hoping for a spanking? Today's poutine 3/10. Best avoid disappointment.

Love, H.

PS. Our server was f*ck*ing lovely! One of the best. (And we did not complain, we know not all dates can be princes. Mwah!)

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