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Hey, Harper! Does Anyone Care About Food Reviews?

I was reading through a few reviews of a friend's business the other day, and started wondering; how many people actually do a deep dive into finding "the best" restaurant, hotel, and coffee? What about slow clothing stores? Dog sitters? I have a few sources I trust A LOT - Pete Wells, Food Critique for the NY Times. Is this because his tastes and mine run along the same veins? Or maybe I've been charmed by his frank and colourful writing? After spending half a month's salary on lunch at Per Se I had to agree, sadly, with his description of the butter-poached lobster as, ..."gristle of the sea." (Still, a few wonderful things came of that lunch - A wonderous appreciation for extraordinary service, albeit too much over the top for me, as well as the driving of the final nail into the coffin of this foodie's spending THAT MUCH on food.) Make sure to at least enjoy the article, here. And when the guffaws stop, make sure to have a read of his Guy's American Kitchen/Bar review.

These are old reviews, and I still enjoy and trust Pete Wells, and appreciate that the places he reviews are often very inexpensive and total finds in NYC. Now I need to find a reviewer based more locally. An honest reviewer. I am not at all sure I trust the most oft-quoted reviews of those who bandy about Halifax. One that would tell you...

Today I ate a burger I was sort of puzzled by. It was a smash burger. I chose it from the menu because the menu stated it was on a sesame seed bun. This thoughtful description led me to believe the maker of said burger cared a bit about the details. I also asked what kind of fries they served. I was told, "skinny fries". I, perhaps, should have asked what a skinny fry was. (I pictured McDonald's fries)

Indeed. I was fooled.

Hand to God, the burger was SMASHED into a slice of foil. When I opened it it looked as though someone had stomped on it! The fries were a sloppy mix of crinkle-cut diner fries and another run-of-the-mill medium-cut fry. The lettuce (can you spot it in the picture?) looked like it had been sh*t out of a rabbit with some force. There were no sesames on the bun (sad face)...But! It was super hot, with reams of bacon, melty cheese, and crispy edges, as a smash burger is expected to have. It had a a funky, though not unpleasant seasoning, perhaps with cumin? It was salty, and greasy, and flavourful (no "chewy air" here!) The bun was fantastically toasted and the mutant mixed fries were crispy, not soaked in oil, and salted perfectly! All in all....a solid 8/10. Especially as the price was super reasonable. If you can find it - enjoy it!

Love, H

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