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Hey, Harper! What's Making Your Heart Sing?

Indeed I have FULL Summer vibes! The island is lush and green, and I have had my first swim in the ocean! (Water temperature 8.9C this first week of June)

With summer being too short 8 weeks I feel I have to create my summer list right NOW to ensure every delicious ounce is taken in!

I need to go clamming in Mabou Harbour (Check the map to see where you can rummage around for shellfish).

Spaghetti Alle Vongole is one of my most favourite summer pasta!

All the work that goes into a great Vongole makes it so wonderful. Digging and purging the clams, cooking each element to its best, and then combining it all. It is a dish that needs little work, but much time. It demands you be nearby, but not too active; an excellent recipe for a glass of Rose and a novel that requires attention.

Don't ignore the time needed to purge your wee treasures of their sand. Ain't nothing worse than gritty food!

And know that if you get a bounty of clams and haven't enough mouths to feed, you can cook the extra clams and freeze them in their cooking liquid for another day; you have another briney delight with almost no work for the dog days!

Already the watermelons that we have in store are pretty darn tasty! Martha Stewart suggests soaking your watermelon wedges in margarita syrup for tequila-spiked fruit. It's a good thing! A very good thing.

Keeping with the summer seafood theme - it's Oyster season very soon in these parts! I am crazy about Sam's Point Oysters. They can be bought on Sundays throughout the summer at the Mabou Farmer's Market.

Trying our hand at making S'mores Icecream Sandwiches this weekend. Stay tuned! We may need taste testers!

Having a summer birthday I am always in need of a new summer birthday dress. I can't let you see what I have already picked out (I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, lol) But in case you require a summer frock or two, I have been eyeing this sweetie!

Which would look wonderful on someone holding one of these,

Happy, happy summer 2024!

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